Water Sports; Fun In The Sun

What better way to enjoy the summer than to get involved in water sports. Water sports can be defined as any type of sporting activity that involves water. There are many different types of water activities. Obviously, you can go swimming, but the list starts there and goes on and on. There wouldn’t even be enough room in this article to discuss all of the fun things that you can do in and around water.

For starters, you could go kayaking, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, boating, and even jet skiing; the ideas are endless. There is something about the water that we all find so relaxing, even just sitting around it. But if I were to ask you to think about the summertime, to recall a memory, chances are, your thoughts would revolve around water activities. Even if your activity includes relaxing at the beach, we’ll count that too. But that is only scratching the surface. There are so many summertime activities to participate in and so many involve being around water.
It is very important to consider your safety when participating in any type of water activity. Being around the water, whether it is the ocean or a small pond, inherently involves some dangers that you want to consider. Perhaps the greatest danger is drowning; hypothermia could be another concern.

Before getting in the water you want to make sure that you are a proficient swimmer. But when participating in water activities like water skiing, tubing, and especially while operating a personal water craft (PWC) such as a jet ski, you want to adhere to rules, laws, and regulations.

For example, in New York State you need to pass a test before you can operate a PWC. You need to learn about these vehicles and understand how to use them safely. Even when you are water skiing or tubing there are rules that need to be followed. You cannot water ski or tube without having at least 3 people in the boat. You need to have the driver, the skier and a spotter. The spotter watches the water-skier and informs the driver about what the water-skier needs. For example, if the skier needs the driver to slow down, speed up, etc. The spotter also watches for when the water-skier crashes so that the driver can be informed. It is not safe in any way for the driver to try to split their attention between paying attention to the water-skier and at the same time pay attention to where he or she is driving. With that said, water time activities are very enjoyable and worth the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the activity and safety measures. Enjoy!

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